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The Changing Face of OLOL!

Picture 1 OLOL applied for a British Gas energy makeover
Picture 2 We WON £50,000 for an energy makeover
Picture 3 MP John Pugh visited our school
Picture 4 OLOL pupils pictured with the Energy Dashboard
Picture 5 Richard & Steve from British Gas came to say hello
Picture 6 You can see our Solar Panels behind us
Picture 7 Big CHEER!
Picture 8 HMS OLOL sailing proudly!
Picture 9 Birdhouse area before
Picture 10 Birdhouse area after (GORGEOUS)
Picture 11 Car Park before
Picture 12 Car Park after
Picture 13 Infant playground work begins
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19 Green and gorgeous
Picture 20 Infant pagoda taking shape
Picture 21 Pagoda and trellis work
Picture 22 Trellis work up.
Picture 23 Infant seating area nearly finished.
Picture 24 Infant playground looking lovely and green.
Picture 25
Picture 26 All done and ready for outdoor lessons and play.
Picture 27 Junior playground back to soil.
Picture 28
Picture 29
Picture 30 What a difference!
Picture 31
Picture 32 Junior playground - ready to play.
Picture 33
Picture 34 Our playground used to be all paving flags
Picture 35 The new playground and new sports pitch markings
Picture 36 Who will score the first goal?
Picture 37 Netball anyone?
Picture 38 Gym floor looking lovely.
Picture 39 New sports pitch markings
Picture 40 Nursery canopy to keep us dry.
Picture 41 Nursery playground work begins.
Picture 42
Picture 43 Nursery playground ready for playtime.
Picture 44 The great outdoors.
Picture 45 Ready, Steady, Go!!!
Picture 46 Reception entrance ready for resurfacing
Picture 47
Picture 48
Picture 49 All done, and lovely.
Picture 50 OLOL Secret Garden ready for a makeover
Picture 51
Picture 52 New soil beds ready for plants
Picture 53 Should be ready by the end of June
Picture 54 Bobby the scarecrow standing on guard
Picture 55 Our Gardening Club's seeds start to grow
Picture 56
Picture 57
Picture 58
Picture 59 The orchard is looking green and lush
Picture 60
Picture 61 The new grass is laid in our Secret Garden
Picture 62
Picture 63 Works complete. Welcome to OLOL Secret Garden!
Picture 64 Miss Connolly bid for a grant for the playgrounds
Picture 65 Sport England awarded us £30,000 for sports areas
Picture 66 Infant sports area
Picture 67 Junior sports area
Picture 68 Back wall ready to be rerendered
Picture 69
Picture 70 All rendered and painted up.
Picture 71