Due to poor weather, we were unable to go to Christ the King for our Annual Sports Day this year. However, this did not stop us from participating in one! Last Friday afternoon, all KS2 children enjoyed watching each other compete in a range of different events. The activities were: Welly Throw, Howler Throw, Quoit Throw, Standing Long Jump, Sprint Race and Relay Race.

Each year group was split into four different teams: Rimmer, Simpkin, Hoy and Ennis-Hill. These were named after different athletes, two of whom went to Christ the King: Michael Rimmer and Lizzie Simpkin. The children who competed in the events mentioned earned points for their team to produce a team winner in each year group and an overall team winner. To conclude the afternoon of sport, each team from each year group competed in a fun obstacle relay.

Well done to everyone who competed and made the afternoon a success!