In the National Curriculum 2014, Computing replaced the previous ICT curriculum. Computing relates to how computers and computer systems work, and how they are designed and programmed. The focus of the new computing curriculum moves towards programming and other aspects of computer science.

The Computing curriculum consists of three key strands:

  • Computer Science: Understanding algorithms and programming (e.g. Beebots and Crumbles)
  • Information Technology: To use technology purposefully and effectively (e.g. relates to word processing, PowerPoint and paint packages)
  • Digital Literacy: Understanding the use of the use of technology around us and how to communicate by using it safely which links to e-Safety ( e.g. Internet and email).

Our Computing Vision

At Our Lady of Lourdes we want our children to be prepared for the challenge of a rapidly changing and developing world. Our goal is that every child has the confidence and ability to access computing across the curriculum.

Our key aims are:

  • For staff and children to gain confidence and enjoyment through the safe use of Computing.
  • To ensure children gain the key skills and understanding necessary to enable them to fully access Computing in the world around them to develop their digital capability.
  • To help children appreciate that Computing is a creative tool for learning.
  • To improve communication with parents and the wider community by offering extended learning opportunities outside the school day.
  • To constantly review and upgrade our hardware and software to keep abreast of and new and emerging technologies.


Computing Vision Statement

Live it
Love it
Learn it

Imagine Create Teach

Many year groups use Scratch to create their programs. Year 2 have been making their own space game using block code.

This year, we had student teachers visit from Edge Hill University to explore physical computing using a controller called a Crumble. All of the children in Year 6  made their own night light and programmed it using a code similar to Scratch.

Year 1 have been programming Beebots using Cubetto mats. They have been creating their own algorithms to navigate the city.

In 2W, the children have been putting Code-a-pillar through his paces!