Key stage 1

Local Area

Where we live

Where in Britain is Barnaby Bear?


Barnaby Bear by the seaside

Barnaby Bear in the forest

Barnaby Bear in a forest again

Weather and Seasons

Barnaby Bear Weather

Weather symbols

What is Weather?

Wider World

Barnaby Bear – Children can visit Barnaby’s journal page, storybook page and his photo album.

A Balloons Journey

Scottish Woodlands – Oscar the Oak Tree helps Spatz, Mr P and Nicky learn all about woodlands. Discover all about trees, meet the animals that live nearby and find out what happens as the seasons change.

Key stage 2

The Crickweb site contains some really good sites but they don’t appear to have links that I can copy

Variety of resources

Weather and Seasons

What is Weather?



Understanding how to use Grid References

Using a Compass

The Environment

Cafod kidz zone

Environmental Intelligence Unit – Join the futuristic Environmental Intelligence Unit and help protect the environment! Tackle a series of interactive missions to learn about saving energy, reducing waste and recycling litter.



Rivers and Coasts

Wider World

Cafod kidz zone

Two cities (Contrasting Localities ) – Experience the differences between Belfast and Mexican life in our tale of two cities.

Human Geography

Buildings – Become a town planner and choose what should be built in the town, from banks and shops to fire stations and factories.


Homes – Learn about homes with the Happy Gang in this fun interactive site. Play a matching game, listen to the story or print out snap cards and play with them.