May Wellbeing Activities

Year Six Yoga

A group of Year 6 students explored Mandalas in their after school Yoga class.

A Mandala is a circular pattern and is a Hindu and Buddhist symbol which represents the universe.

We began the class by sitting in a circle listening to the sound of the circular singinge bowl.

We talked about how Tibetan monks spent days creating coloured sand Mandalas while they prayed. Once the Mandala is completed they then dismantled it by sweeping away the sand to represent the impermanence of life.

The class then worked together to create a selection of circular group poses with their bodies.

Once the pose was created, they dismantled it and created another repeating the cycle of creation and dismantling.

We ended the class sat in a circle for a mindful meditation together where we quietly coloured a Mandala listening to calming music.

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