Why We Study History At Our Lady Of Lourdes

In O.L.O.L we believe that History is about the study of the past. What occurred in the past influences all aspects of our lives and therefore it promotes in our pupils an understanding of the human condition and develops within them a wider perspective in which to view their own society and their world.  As they study the past our pupils will learn to appreciate the human achievements and aspirations, which have shaped the present.  It will help them to make sense of the world they live in.

World War One Centenary Remembrance

During the month of November, we have commemorated the World War One Centenary by carrying out a variety of activities in our year groups. We have held special Collective Worship sessions, assemblies and some pupils have attended a Remembrance service with children from other local primary schools. At Our Lady of Lourdes we have shown reverance and respect to those who gave their lives fighting in different conflicts around the world. Take a look at the amazing work we have produced!

Year 3 Stone Age Visit

As part of their Stone Age topic year 3 had a visit from Mr. B, who told them all about life in the Stone Age. They were able to handle real life artefacts and examine them closely. They looked at the first form of money, Cave bear bones and different arrow heads. It was really interesting to see these up close. One of the highlights of the day was dressing up in Stone Age clothes and having a photo taken with a woolly rhino.

Learning About The Maya Civilisation In Year 5

As part of their topic on the Maya Civilisation , Year 5 had a visit from Dr. Diane Davies to talk about her job as an archaeologist. She talked about the fascinating places she has been to in Central America, excavating areas from historic Mayan civilisations. Dr. Davies also brought with her a range of artefacts that she kindly let the children examine.