At Our Lady of Lourdes, the Mathematics curriculum aims to develop children’s ability to calculate, reason and solve problems.

Our teaching of Mathematics is based on research into the way children learn, with a focus on giving the children clear images to support their thinking.

Children work through 3 models of representation:

  • Concrete – action-based – using practical resources and equipment
  • Pictorial – image-based – using images to represent the number
  • Symbolic – language-based – using Mathematical symbols and language to represent number and calculation.

Children learn in a hands-on way, before moving when they are ready to think in terms of Mathematical images, and finally thinking in terms of numbers and symbols.

We also include regular opportunities for children to apply their understanding of reasoning and problem-solving activities. Children explore a range of Mathematical contexts including:

  • worded problems
  • find all possibilities
  • describe rules and patterns
  • visual puzzles
  • diagrams and logic

As well as giving children the Mathematical skills needed in many areas of everyday life, including future employment, we also aim to develop children’s enjoyment and curiosity in the subject.

Times tables

Try some of these games to keep your times tables knowledge up to speed.

Why not challenge a friend or parent? Be a times tables master!

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Tables Master

Hit the Button

Mathletics has arrived!

Mathletics is now available for every pupil at Our Lady of Lourdes, from Reception to Year 6.

Children will be given their usernames and passwords in school and shown how to access the exciting world of Mathletics in their Maths lessons.

We encourage everyone to use it at home to keep improving those all important maths skills.

Click HERE to log on to Mathletics now!