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Welcome to our Year 4 page! Here you will be able to find out important dates of key events throughout the year and see what we have been learning each term.

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There are new battles set up for each of the Maths groups this week on Times Tables Rock Stars – this week’s battles are boys vs girls in each Maths group! Who will win? UPDATE – Miss Ross’ Group won this week’s battles – can the other groups win this week? 

Tuesday 7th July Home School Tasks

English – We have looked at Synonyms and Antonyms previously as part of our home learning – I have attached the PPT again to remind you. Today’s activity has an extract from Chapter 1 of Roman Rescue, which we looked at last week. Synonyms and antonyms PPT

On the first worksheet, certain words from the extract have been written in bold and you are to find synonyms for those words e.g. Small fingers gripped Tilda Hacker’s elbow from behind. A synonym for small is tiny/minute/miniscule.

On the second worksheet, certain words from the extract have been written in bold and you are to find antonyms for those words e.g. Small fingers gripped Tilda Hacker’s elbow from behind. An antonym for small is huge/massive/gigantic.

Roman Rescue synonyms and antonyms worksheets

Maths – Miss Ross and Miss Byrne/Mrs Cox’s groups, carrying on with our work on bar charts, answer the questions using data to solve comparison, sum and difference problems on the worksheets attached.  Graphs activity worksheets

Mr Ball’s group, read through the Decimal Equivalents PPT, focusing on halves, quarters, tenths and hundredths. Then, complete the worksheet, where you have to convert halves and quarters to decimals.  Decimal Equivalents PPT Decimal equivalents worksheet

On Maths Frame, is a great game where you can practise converting fractions and decimals https://mathsframe.co.uk/en/resources/resource/120/match_fractions_decimals_and_percentages#.UCdcd2MsCEY

Come and See – Carrying on with our topic of God’s People, today we are going to look at saints. Read through the PPT attached, which gives information about Communion of Saints and Patron Saints. Then, complete the research worksheet with information about your chosen saint – you may need to look at http://www.catholic.org/saints/stindex.php to find out more information. Come and See PPT Saints research worksheet

Have a good day,

The Year 4 Team.

Monday 6th July Home School Tasks

English – There is a section from the Roman Rescue story on the worksheet, but the punctuation around the words is missing! Your task is to read the extract and add in full stops, commas, question marks, exclamation marks and inverted commas. Roman Rescue punctuation sheet

Maths – Miss Ross and Miss Byrne/Mrs Cox’s groups, this week we will continue to look at data handling and statistics. Read through the Pictograms PPT and work through the slides. Then, there are 2 worksheets interpreting the pictograms data and answering questions based on the data. Pictograms PPT Pictogram worksheets

Mr Ball’s group, read through the Ordering Decimals PPT and then complete the worksheet attached. Ordering decimals PPT Ordering decimals worksheet

Play The Caterpillar Ordering game with decimal numbers https://www.topmarks.co.uk/ordering-and-sequencing/caterpillar-ordering

Geography – Open https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/mapzone/map-skills and click on Compasses and Directions. Go through the 5 pages on this. Go back to the home page and click on the Map Quizzes button on the left hand side of the page. Select Compass and Directions Quiz and answer the questions. Go through the Compass PPT attached and then complete the compass worksheet.  Compass points PPT Compass worksheet

Have a good day,

The Year 4 Team.

Friday 3rd July Home School Tasks

English – Today, please re-read the first three chapters of ‘Roman Rescue’. Discuss with an adult what has happened in the story so far. Are you enjoying the story so far? Then, please answer the comprehension questions about the first three chapters of the story on the worksheet attached.  History Hackers Roman Rescue Chapters 1-3 Extract Comprehension questions

Maths – Miss Ross and Miss Byrne/Mrs Cox’s groups, play the Bar Charts game, using both vertical and horizontal bars with a wider range of one step and two step questions at https://mathsframe.co.uk/en/resources/resource/51/bar_charts Then, complete the worksheet attached, answering questions based on the data presented in the bar chart. Bar chart worksheet

Mr Ball’s group, read through the PPT on Decimals – tenths and hundredths, which recaps on learning so far and then shows that decimal fractions can also be illustrated using number lines. It is important to count the division between numbers and work out the value of each division, so you can see the scale on the number line. Then, complete the worksheets attached – the first has a decimal number line split into tenths, then the second worksheet focuses on hundredths. Decimals – tenths and hundredths PPT Decimal number lines tenths worksheet Decimal number lines hundredths worksheet

Art – Read through the PPT of pictures Van Gogh painted related to the sea. Discuss with children key questions about each picture e.g. How does the artist make the sea look rough? What do you think the boats are doing? How would you feel to be on the boat? Van Gogh By the Sea PPT

Choose one of the pictures from the PPT and recreate your own version – you can choose which medium you would like to use (paints, oil pastels, crayons etc)

Think about how Vincent Van Gogh would feel if he knew his works of art had become so famous. Watch the Doctor Who clip which re-enacts this happening https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubTJI_UphPk

Family Time – Decide as a family what you would like to do for the rest of the afternoon. Play a game, bake, go for a walk or have a rest and watch a film.

Have a good day and a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Team.

Thursday 2nd July Home School Tasks

English – Read Chapter 3 of the story ‘Roman Rescue’. In this chapter, the children discover a variety of items in the hidden room – it all sounds very exciting! Your task today is to draw what you imagine the room would look like and include some of the items that are mentioned in the text e.g. “A small desk and chair had been pushed into one corner, piled high with thick scrolls”. Colour in your picture and annotate your drawing with expanded noun phrases e.g. a tiny wooden desk, a small broken chair.  History Hackers Roman Rescue Chapters 1-3 Extract

Maths – Miss Ross and Miss Byrne/Mrs Cox’s groups, go through the Reading and Interpreting Data PPT and work through the questions. There are 2 worksheets to complete – the second one is more difficult (do what you feel is appropriate for your child). Reading and Interpreting Data PPT Data worksheets

As a challenge, have a go at the problem on https://nrich.maths.org/2399/note about How Big Are Classes 5, 6 and 7? The question encourages them to contrast different ways of representing similar data and helps to make explicit their interpretation of what the data represents in order to solve the problem.

Mr Ball’s group, carrying on from yesterday’s work converting fractions to decimals, read through the Tenths and Hundredths PPT, which gives further practise of changing fractions to their equivalent decimals. Then, complete the Match It worksheet, where you have to match the decimal numbers to the equivalent fractions and then complete the equivalent pairs of fractions and decimals. Tenths and hundredths PPT Fractions worksheet

There is a fun game to practise Converting Fractions to Decimals at https://www.topmarks.co.uk/Flash.aspx?a=activity08

PE –Complete Mr Gallagher’s Try It Tuesday Challenge – Alphabet Scavenger Hunt! Then, as an extra task, why don’t you design a certificate for someone completing the activity you have done? You could draw pictures of the activity and write a positive comment – you could give it to a family member! Why don’t you share pictures of your fun afternoon with your class teacher on Class Dojo! We love seeing what you have been getting up to! PE challenge

Computing – Today, have a go at the Colourful Kits activity on Barefoot Computing –

https://barefootgames.org/colourful-kits?ref=https://www.barefootcomputing.org/ Learn all about patterns, logic and debugging through a series of sporting themed activities.

Have a good day,

The Year 4 Team.

Wednesday 1st July Home School Tasks

English – Read Chapter 2 of our new story, Roman Rescue. This chapter definitely has lots of suspense and ends on a cliff-hanger! Your task today is to write a paragraph, describing what you think the children will find in the small room behind the wall. Try to use lots of descriptive language in your paragraph. I can’t wait to read them! This is how my paragraph would start …

Behind the old, dusty wall, was a secret room that was covered with long, grey cobwebs. As the children crept nervously into the hidden chamber, their eyes grew wide as they gazed at the sight that was in front of them. “Wow!” exclaimed Charlie. “Where has all of this come from?”  An ancient wooden trunk lay open in front of them, overflowing with brightly coloured jewels and coins.

History Hackers Roman Rescue Chapters 1-3 Extract

Maths – Miss Ross and Miss Byrne/Mrs Cox’s groups, read through the Histograms PPT – these are graphs which show continuous data using bars. There is some more information on histograms at https://www.mathsisfun.com/data/histograms.html  On the worksheet attached, you have to complete the histogram using the data in the table and then answer questions based on the data shown. There is also an extension sheet attached. Histograms PPT Histograms worksheet

Mr Ball’s group, read through the Decimals and Fractions PPT, which goes through how to recognise decimal equivalents for tenths and hundredths. Remember that decimals and fractions mean parts of a whole. Then, complete the worksheets attached, filling in the missing decimals/fractions in the tables. Decimals and Fractions PPT Decimals and Fractions worksheet

Music – Read through the information at https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zcbkcj6/articles/z3yfng8 about duration and tempo, which affects the pace and feel of any music you listen to. Watch the clip on the page of Barney Harwood introducing a performance of Beethoven’s iconic Fifth Symphony in the BBC Ten Pieces I film. As you listen to the music, have a piece of plain paper in front of you and draw what the picture makes you feel/imagine. When I listened to it, the colours I saw in my mind were reds, oranges and yellows. I would draw long lines, sharp corners and crazy patterns! I can’t wait to see your pictures!

CAFOD Summer of Hope – Look at the link on the CAFOD website at https://cafod.org.uk/News/Events/Summer-hope-assembly about the Summer of Hope. This summer, like never before, we are called to be signs of hope for our world. What can I do?

You and your family are invited to be part of a Summer of Hope to ensure clean water and food reaches some of the poorest families in the world during this global emergency. Recreate at home the events you will miss this summer and have fun transforming them into a sign of hope through raising money for CAFOD’s Coronavirus Appeal.

School sports day cancelled? Hold one in your back garden! Be sponsored to do your daily walk with an egg and spoon!

Summer fair postponed? Play ‘guess the sweets in the jar’ or ‘treasure hunt’ online!

Missing out on a summer BBQ? Get together on Zoom and charge for cooking tips!

Missing the Olympics? Walk, cycle, jump, run an Olympic distance and be sponsored

Not able to go camping with friends? Donate what you would have paid to travel to the campsite

Have a good day,

The Year 4 Team.

Tuesday 30th June Home School Tasks

English – Today we are going to start a new book called Roman Rescue. Please read Chapter 1 and then use a dictionary to find out the meanings of some tricky words from the first chapter – on the worksheet attached. This will help you get a good understanding of the story so far. History Hackers Roman Rescue Chapters 1-3 Extract Finding meaning of vocabulary worksheet

Maths – Miss Ross and Miss Byrne/Mrs Cox’s groups, we are going to be looking at data handling this week. Read how data can be displayed at https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/z7rcwmn/articles/z8dp8mn Read through the Types of graph and chart PPT, which gives information about the different ways of presenting the information. Which of the charts/graphs do you think are the easiest to understand? Which of the charts/graphs do you think are the hardest to understand? Then, complete the worksheet attached, using the information in the chart to fill in the bar chart.  Types of graph and chart PPT  Bar chart worksheet

Mr Ball’s group, complete the addition and subtraction of fractions worksheets attached, where you need to answer the sums and also, shade in the fraction bars to show the final answers. Then play the Maths Mini Golf Fractions game at https://mathsframe.co.uk/en/resources/resource/568/Fractions-of-Numbers-Mini-Maths-Golf 

Fractions worksheet

Spanish – Read through the Family PPT, which teaches you all of the key vocabulary to do with family, using the characters from The Simpsons! Practise saying the vocabulary aloud, then, complete the worksheet attached, using what you have learnt in the PPT.  Spanish family PPT Spanish family worksheet

If you fancy a challenge, watch this short BBC Teach clip about meeting a Spanish family – https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/class-clips-video/spanish-ks2-meeting-a-spanish-family/z4d9wty  See if you can recognise any of the key vocabulary about the members of the family. Buena suerte! (Good luck!)

Come and See – Read through the PPT attached, which introduces our new topic called ‘God’s People’. The first part of the PPT asks you to think of who your role model is – try to think of someone who has made an impact on your life (it can be someone you know or someone famous). Then, continue reading through the PPT and learn about Eric’s Story. Complete the worksheet attached, where you have to retell the main points of Eric’s Story and then compare the similarities between Eric’s life and your own life.  Come and See PPT Eric’s Story worksheet

Have a good day,

The Year 4 Team.

Please find below a letter with a number of activities to be completed if children are isolated due to Coronavirus.

Home educating letter – YEAR 4

We would love to see any pictures of our children completing some of the suggested activities – tweet any photos tagging @ololprimary for us to see!

Trip to Chester

At the start of the year, the children in Year 4 went to Chester for our WOW event to start our ‘Romans in Chester’ topic. We marched through the streets, even though it was pouring with rain and visited the amphitheatre! It was fantastic learning all about the armour worn by the soldiers; we had a great time!

Anglo-Saxon Brooches!

As part of our Anglo-Saxon topic, we designed and created some fantastic brooches! We used felt, clay and cardboard to produce our brooches and then evaluated our products. We think they look fantastic!

Chinese New Year!

We had a brilliant time celebrating Chinese New Year! All of the classes took part in a dance workshop and learned some traditional movements. We then were lucky enough to act as the dragon, wearing the detailed, intricate mask. It was amazing! Back in class, we made our own Chinese dragons and then designed and created delicious sticky rice cakes!

Computing in Year 4

We visited Liverpool Hope University and did some sessions with students there, using Crumbles and Spheros to design, create and code Roman chariots and gladiators! We had a fantastic time and really enjoyed using our knowledge of algorithms and debugging that we had learnt in our Mosaic Madness Computing topic.

After our trip to Liverpool Hope University, where we had designed and created our gladiators, we used the iPads and Spheros to hold battles in our classrooms. Some of the children from the Year 6 Code Club came to help us and we had a fantastic time trying to move our competitors out of the battle arena!