Welcome to Year 5


Year 5 children have recently been given a letter informing parents all about the annual trip to Robinwood. If your letter did not arrive home you can download it here.

Please note that if you would like your child to attend this residential trip in December 2019, you will need to send in the reply slip with a £30 deposit by 15th February 2019.

Robinwood 2019 Letter

Meet the Team

Mrs. H. Da Silva

Mr. S. Gallagher

Mrs. A. Swainson

Newsletters & Links

The Big Street Survey

5G worked with Henry and Amanda from Sustrans to investigate the area surrounding our school with a view to make it a safer, better place for our pupils to be able to walk or cycle to school.

The morning started as we discussed our journeys to school. What do we see? What do we hear? What do we like? What don’t we like? A lot of the class admitted that they don’t enjoy their journey to school. However, some children, who walked to school with their parents, liked their journeys as they had an opportunity to talk. Next, we drew a map of the area surrounding our school and chose four different places that we were going to visit. Following this, we went out of school to investigate the nearby roads. We rated the four places on: how loud/ quiet they were; how crowded they were; how fast/ slow things happened in the area; how natural/ man-made it was; did we love/ hate it? We also counted how many cars/pedestrians/ cyclist went past us. When we returned to class, we discussed our findings.

After lunch, we explored different scenarios from areas around different schools around the country. These were real life examples of issues some schools faced. We then looked at a variety of different interventions that councils can put into place and selected the most appropriate to help improve that area. We had to take into consideration a variety of issues, including cost. Finally we revisited our own problems in our surrounding area and created a class Manifesto. This week, we are going to work in small groups to create a PowerPoint to present our Manifesto. From this, a group will then go to the Sustrans Celebration Afternoon at Ramada Hotel to present their Manifesto to schools from across Sefton.

Year 5 Netball Competition

Each Year 5 class held their own netball competition, with the winning teams playing each other in a Year 5 final. We had a fantastic afternoon cheering our class representatives on and the overall winners were the 5G team. Well done to all involved!