Welcome to Year 6

This term we will be learning about South America and  holding a day to celebrate the culture, music and food of the continent. The children will make their own Day of the Dead masks and learn how to create some simple samba rhythms using congas.

In the second half of the term we will spend two full days exploring the Greeks and the children will write their own Greek myths and design and race their own Greek Chariots using Spheros. 

For home work this term, Year 6 will be working on a lost on an Island project which is based on Gardner’s concept that all of us have at least 8 different and independent intelligences. These include:

  1. Verbal-linguistic intelligence – Word Intelligence
  2. Logical mathematical intelligence – Logic and Maths Intelligence
  3. Visual-spatial intelligence – Space and Vision Intelligence
  4. Bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence – Body Intelligence
  5. Musical-rhythmic intelligence – Music Intelligence
  6. Interpersonal intelligence – People Intelligence
  7. Intrapersonal intelligence – Self Intelligence
  8. Naturalist intelligence – Nature Intelligence

On Monday 15th July, we will then have a celebration to enable them to present all of their hard work.

A busy term all round and we really appreciate all your support!

The Year 6 Team

Important Year 6 Dates

Date Event
Friday 7th June South America Day
Thursday 13th – Friday 14th June Greek Fest
Monday 15th July Project Celebration Day
Friday 19th July 1.30pm Year 6 Assembly
Monday 22nd July 6.15pm Year 6 Leavers Mass



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