All areas of the Early Years Curriculum are catered for in a wide variety of learning opportunities through a fun and interactive way. Each Parent and Child work together sharing learning experiences in a happy and welcoming environment. Parents and children enjoy the social side of coming to the group. The children build friendships with other children they will be in Nursery with and parents enjoy meeting with other parents.

The sessions are supported by an experienced member of the Nursery team. As the time approaches for your child to enter Nursery, they help make sure that the child’s transition into Nursery is as smooth as possible.

Some of the activities we provide are…

Stories, singing and ring games, nursery rhymes, crafts, painting, cutting and sticking, messy tray, role play, and the opportunity to play with a variety of toys.


We offer two sessions on Wednesday mornings (term time only) to parents with children between the ages of 0-3 years.

The first session 9.00 am until 10.15 am

The second session 10.30 am until 11.45 am

If interested contact school and ask for Mrs West

Dates for the new term

Wednesday 4th March 2020

Wednesday 11th March 2020

Wednesday 18th March 2020

Wednesday 25th Match 2020

Wednesday 1st April 2020 (Easter egg hunt)

Messy Play

We use lots of different media in our messy tray. We have enjoyed squelching paint, custard and beans, squashing Rice Krispies and splashing in water.


The children enjoy a variety of mark making activities, and sharing a love of books.

Windmill Farm

Baby and Toddler Group had lots of fun on a visit to Windmill Farm.


We provide a variety of different media at the creative table, we use our hands and different tools to paint. At Christmas we make Christmas decorations and cards for different occasions.

Role Play

Every week the children enjoy playing with the kitchen, making dinner. pouring tea. We have also provide opportunities to role play a supermarket,  vet, cafe. We also have a variety of small world.

Hhaving a Chat

Parents/Grandparents enjoy a chat and getting to know each other.

Baby and Toddler Group

Look at the fun we have.