Our Lady of Lourdes is a Children’s University school! Sefton Children’s University recognises and reward children’s voluntary participation in learning activities and experiences outside the normal school curriculum.

At Our Lady of Lourdes we aim to provide a wide range of clubs that allow children to explore their interests and also cater for all abilities, whilst developing skills and boosting aspirations for the future. We offer a wide range of clubs such as; netball, tag rugby, athletics, football, multi-sports, art, choir, drama, dance, science, board games and many more!

Children attending those activities will gain credits which they can bank in order to gain sufficient credits to graduate. 1 credit is awarded for each hour of attendance. Children who gain sufficient credits by the end of a Key Stage (end of Year 6 or Year 2) will be invited to graduate from Sefton Children’s University at a special ceremony held at a local university.


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To see what Children’s University accredited clubs we have to offer at our school, take a look at our club timetable below!



Children’s University are running an event in partnership with Uclan confucious institute on Monday 4th Feb 3.45-6pm. There are 30 children’s places available and it is a free event. It is going to be run in Churchtown primary school Southport. You will need to book the children in on eventbrite to secure their place at the event.