In O.L.O.L we believe that History is about the study of the past. What occurred in the past influences all aspects of our lives and therefore it promotes in our pupils an understanding of the human condition and develops within them a wider perspective in which to view their own society and their world.  As they study the past our pupils will learn to appreciate the human achievements and aspirations, which have shaped the present.  It will help them to make sense of the world they live in.

year 4 trip to chester to study the romans. 

As part of their Attack and Defend topic, Year 4 visited the city of Chester to learn more about the Romans. They took part in different workshops, where they were able to investigate and examine various artefacts. They also were lucky enough to visit the amphitheatre and act as traditional Roman soldiers, learning different defensive formations. They had a super time and thoroughly enjoyed their trip!

year 2 Great Fire of London. 

As part of their topic studying the Great Fire of London, Year 2 has a visit from the local fire brigade. In order to understand the devastation this fire caused the children created a replica of 1666 London using cardboard and paper, which was then safely set alight.  They couldn’t believe how quickly the fire spread and felt very thankful that we have the resource of the fire brigade available to us in an emergency.