Welcome to Year 1


In Year 1 we are pleased to introduce you to our newest members. These are our class pets Poppie, Snowdrop and Rosie. We have fun looking after them and they love listening to stories as you can see below.

Liverpool Cathedral

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We went on a visit to Liverpool Cathedral to celebrate it’s 50th birthday. We learnt lots of things about the history of the Cathedral and about all the different chapels there. It was very interesting.

Liverpool World Museum 

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We went on a trip to Liverpool World Museum to learn all about animals. We enjoyed a talk about sea creatures and got to touch a starfish. We also got to go to the art gallery and went on a hunt around looking for different paints. it was so much fun.

Manchester Airport

We went on a trip to Manchester Airport to learn about aeroplanes. We got to see planes taking off and landing. We also got to walk under the famous Concorde. We then got to dress up as airport staff and got to be a pilot in the cockpit of a DC10.  We had so much fun!

Our Concorde Project 

After our trip to Manchester Airport we completed a project about Concorde and presented them in school. We now know lots of facts about this historic plane.

World book day


What a fantastic day we had on World Book Day. We got to dress up as characters from our favourite witches and wizard books and had a parade around the hall. We also had a talk from an author and made different spells in maths by measuring out the correct amount of each ingredient. it was so much fun!

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Our Futuristic Vehicles 

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This week we have had great fun designing an building our futuristic vehicles. We have learnt all about axles and how to make our wheels move.  

Our Year 1 Football Team 


We are so proud of our Year 1 Football Team. They only went and achieved 2nd place in their football tournament yesterday. What little stars they are!

Room on the Broom 

This week we have had great fun creating our own movies on the story Room on the Broom. We created our own characters and setting for the story then using ‘Lego Movie Maker’ we created our Movies. You can see some of these below. We had great fun! 

Some children out of Year 6 helped us to make our movies. They were teaching us what to do and how to add music to our movies.

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